FOI & Subject Access – Data Protection Act 2018


There are two distinct rights to information held by schools about pupils. 


    1. The subject access right – under the Act a pupil has the right to a copy of their own information.  In certain circumstances requests may be made by a parent on behalf of their child.

    2. Rights to the educational record – under the Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005, referred to here as the Regulations, a parent has the right to access their child’s educational record. 


Under the subject access right parents will only be able to see all the information about their child when the child is unable to act on their own behalf or gives their consent.


Staff also have a right under the Act to a copy of their own information.


For further information, please see the links below.


  • Guidance from the ICO regarding Subject Access to Pupils’ Information

  • Freedom of Information (FOI) Policy (Policy can be found under heading Policies, Procedures & Legal on Information tab of website)

  • Request Form for Subject Access to Student Files

  • Request Form for Subject Access to Staff Files


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