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Welcome to our Parents’ section of the Wellbeing page

At school we have a dedicated team of people who are here to offer advice and support to our students should they have concerns around their own (or a loved ones) emotional or mental health. 

Being a parent/carer to teenagers can be a challenging experience at times.  Teenagers are experiencing huge changes in their brain development as well as changes in their bodies which can lead to them often presenting as moody and irritable – here’s the Science – teenagers experience lower Dopamine levels (Dopamine is a chemical in the brain which controls the reward and pleasure centres) meaning they may have a low mood but then experience mood swings which can shift from very high to very low quite quickly.  They find being with their peers really rewarding and this can often mean they are less enthusiastic about spending time with their family.

Parents can often feel confused as to what to do to support young people most effectively so we hope some of the information on this page may help.

1 in 10 young people experience a ‘diagnosable’ mental health condition.

That’s 3 in every average classroom.

Please find useful links for support below:

*Please be aware that Tibshelf School accept no responsibility for information displayed on the resources in this section. These are useful resources that should be used to support and guide parents, young people and professionals. If you are concerned about the mental health and well-being of a child you should seek advice and guidance from your GP or schools pastoral support team.


If you’re experiencing concerns about a young person’s mental or emotional health the following team are trained and experienced in supporting young people within this area and you’re welcome to contact any one of us at school or our CAMHS Community Advisor on the number below:

Mrs Louise Crowder                         Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Lucie Harrison                           Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Sarah Sanders                         Pastoral Manager

Miss Emma Dunn                             Pastoral Manager

Miss Sophie Tipple                           CAMHS Community Advisor – 01246 514412



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